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I mostly do werebeast and transformation related art but I also have and do some other random stuff like photos, dark and creepy stuff, fan art, and cartoony stuff :aww:



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I wouldn't mind keeping my premium membership a little while longer. Plus I would love to buy some points commissions from certain artists who do points commissions :) And maybe one of these times when I feel generous, I could maybe give some points away.

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Adelle Marie Rulli
Artist | Varied
Hello, the name's Adelle Marie Rulli, who has a passion for drawing :aww: I may have a fursona, and a Fur Affinity account (the username there is MoonBeast-AR) but I do NOT consider myself as a furry.

Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal/Rock, 90s Pop (also called J-Pop), some Orchestra, & some Techno

Operating System: Windows 7 Premium HP True Vision (laptop)

Favourite video game genre(s): JRPG, hack n' slash (most favourite game of all being Devil May Cry), survival horror, indie, puzzle, and platform.

Other hobbies besides art: Singing, voice acting, playing video games, working at my job (cashier at a grocery store), making silly voices.

:bulletred: :bulletblack: If you want art from me, here's my commission information:

:bulletblack: Coloured & Non Coloured Piece Prices:
1. Line Art (Non-Coloured) :pointr: Prices are given below where the art info is.
2. Partially Coloured :pointr: $2 extra
3. Fully Coloured :pointr: $4 extra

:bulletblack: Extra Info:
- I WILL NOT be accepting comics for a very long while due to almost every person asking one from me, and I'm also beginning to run out of ideas for how these sequences will go, and they put quite a bit of weight on my shoulders which prevent me from getting stuff done a lot faster.
- I have a Fur Affinity account too, and there's one extra category listed there for the art stuff :pointr:…
- all prices given to each category will raise by $1 annually (except the colouring prices & prices change every August 17th).
- for those of you who have made requests from me in the past, it is ALL up to you if you want to pay me for them.
- it is ALL up to you if you want to give me more than what the prices are given.
- I accept points commissions as well (Note me for info on :points: prices for when you ask for one from me).
- material use for my stuff require traditional (only pencil, pencil crayon, and pen) and digital pieces.
- there will be times where I will be giving out free art (every 3rd week of July or a secret birthday gift) or discounts.
- due to myself having a low attention span and another job, these WON'T be done RIGHT away.
- yaoi and yuri (homosexuality and lesbianism sex pics) are NOT acceptable.
- sexual pics are NOT acceptable (just a picture of people kissing are allowed though).
- certain fetishes are NOT acceptable.
- all sketch dump and collage related stuff will NOT be coloured. However if you wish for your stuff to be coloured, you could either colour them yourself, or ask another user who accepts colouring commissions/requests. Just make sure to link the coloured pieces to me afterward. And if you or that person accepts colouring these piece(s) of mine and decide to put them in your/their gallery, make sure you or that person credits me for the line work.

:bulletred: Fan Art:
- can choose between being a single image ($7), collage ($10), or sketch dump ($5). Will not be accepting comics for awhile due to comics being time consuming.
- nudity is acceptable.
- can choose between being a line art, partially coloured, or fully coloured.

:bulletred: Character/Monster/Creature/Story Concept Art:
- all info for this category is the same as the Fan Art category, only sketch dumps are NOT acceptable, and ref sheets ARE with a price of $6.

:bulletred: Photomanipulations:
- $8 (This does NOT tie with the coloured and fully coloured prices)
- will only accept animal, horror, or fantasy genre.

:bulletred: Transformation Sequences:
- can choose between being a single image ($9), single imaged sequence ($5 per page), sketch dump ($5), collage ($10), or audio ($6, only MP3 files are acceptable, and will only be posted on Fur Affinity, Youtube, or Tumblr). Will not be accepting comics for awhile due to comics being time consuming.
- for a single image, you can choose for it to be a line art, partially coloured, or fully coloured.
- can only choose from being an animal, were, creature, or monster transformation.
- transgender is NOT acceptable (a male transforming into a female for example).
- a mature version (ONLY nudity, no cumming nor lactating) is acceptable but will be an extra $4 (not per page though, just in total) due to submitting a clean version with it.

:bulletblue: If you have any questions, note me, or leave a comment below, thanks :)

Journal History

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Fallen - Volbeat (in my head)
  • Reading: messages everywhere
  • Eating: smores
In search for answersTwo More Story QuestionsIn search for answers
Okay, so from last journal entry :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.… , I've shared a few ideas and asked a few questions for a new story of mine, where I'm the antagonist for a change. For the 1st question, did you guys want me to share my hairless werewolf transformation as a comic? Or as a piece that's similar to this? (by the way, I still need more votes for some of the questions from the previous entry :XD:) :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…

The other question ties with the 1st...For the transformation scene, how should it go? Here's what I have put in a document for each idea (I left the entire transformation sequences left out since I don't want to make this journal entry any longer, would rather keep the sequences a surprise, and the sequences aren't entirely finished):
Idea 1:
- after I got shot by the main character in the gut and chest by a shotgun, character talks to his dying humanimal (that's one of the names I decide to give the animal-human hybrids) friend, then I get up slowly with the wound healing on its own, veins showing under the skin, my eye colour changing, and fangs, talons, and claws forming.
- I puke blood, then breathe heavy and giggle, "That really smart, urgh..."
- full transformation begins. During transformation, main character attempts to shoot me but there's no more ammo, so he resorts to throwing the shotgun at me, making me mad and go to chase him. I then collapse due to the pain of the transformation and finish the metamorphosis up.

Idea 2:
- after holding the white knight of a humanimal held hostage and biting him on the neck vampire style, main character shoots me with the shotgun twice. 1st time making me let go, and the 2nd time on my gut & chest when I go to lunge at him.
- character and humanimal speak for a bit and humanimal gives remaining directions on how to get out before dying. He decides to stay and die on his own.
- character books it and makes his way to an area that the dying humanimal friend of his told him to go.
- I pop out of the room where I got shot. Reveals claws bursting out of my fingernails as I hold onto the door frame.
- I turn to direction that I feel character headed, and I limp down that direction, holding onto wounded chest & gut.
- character continues to make his way to room he was supposed to go.
- I continue limping in hallways. Vision begins to blur a bit with a heart beat sound happening.
- full transformation begins.

Flashy deviantART LogoDeviantart StoryFlashy deviantART Logo

I usually like to make stories and share stories with you guys but....I'm not sure entirely what to say since there's so many things that I'd like to say ^^; Well....Throughout these 7 years of being on Deviantart, I've had my ups and downs. I mostly try to stay on the positive side but when things bug me, I'm not afraid to express how I'm feeling (the really rude stuff that I say means that my mind is completely corrupt and don't really mean to say those things...Unless someone's being rude to me, then I'll be rude to them back to see how it feels...Yes, I have a bit of an eye-for-an-eye type of thing ^^;).

Now since I mostly don't want to be negative, I thought I'd get the negative stuff out of the way first, then get on to the good stuff :meow: So to summarize the bad stuff that's happened with me here:
1. My 2 week suspension by the Deviantart staff due to submitting too many Devil May Cry 4 screenshots, video game character collages, etc., in my gallery instead of on a completely different site and/or in my scrap folder.
2. Dealing with trolls like art critic wannabes, accusation trolls accusing me of stealing peoples' works when I have already given credit to where I was inspired from, bullying trolls, and jealous trolls.
3. Dealing with art thieves (including that one mental case that tried to destroy her own cousin...That was a handful, that one...Glad she's gone for good).
4. My ranting/venting :XD:
5. Deviantart's entire glitch-causing site changes, rule changes, lazier and greedier staff, and disappearances of Deviantart members.

And now for the good stuff :D
1.Year 2007:
:bulletred: First art piece submitted here? My very 1st photomanipulation of myself as a werewolf :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
:bulletred: First fanart of mine to share on here? Darth Maul from Star Wars :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
2. Year 2008:
:bulletred: First person to request something from me? geodforce, with a werewolf transformation comic :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
:bulletred: First OC of mine to share on here? Kuki the chibi kitten dressed as a punk rocker :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
3. Year 2009:
:bulletred: First Deviantart meme I've answered? A Devil May Cry related one :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
:bulletred: First (and only, maybe) Deviantart related meme I made of a video game adventure meme :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
4. Year 2010:
:bulletred: First original story of mine to share as a short comic series? My Dark Conscience story of the 1st time I transform into a werewolf :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.… (was remastered in 2014)
5. Year 2012:
:bulletred: First person to commission me? PoKeHybridTrainer of a Mew hybrid transformation audio :pointr:… (the 1st commission I've done being submitted here though was Truttle of the bear creature transformation comic :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.… )
:bulletred: My first dream story shared on here :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
:bulletred: Opened my own group on here, which is Devil May Cry related :pointr: reddevilschronicles.deviantart…
6. All Years:
:bulletred: Full story of my transformation related pieces can be found here :pointr: dantevergilloverar.deviantart.…
:bulletred: All the love and support I have/had from you watchers/viewers (and I thank those of you that do and have:blowkiss: REVAMP)

I feel like I'm missing some things ^^; But it's been quite an adventure on here over these past 7 years. Even though quite a bit of bad stuff has been happening and has happened on Deviantart (staff and user-wise), I have and still do enjoy sharing one of my most passionate interests on here, which is sharing my art and stories :)

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